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Introducing CLASIC Company

Ing. Michal Kricka
Construction Department
Ing. Alexandr Kricka
Electronic Department
Ing. David Kricka
Software Department

The CLASIC Company was established in 1992. From the early beginning it has been specialized in developing new technologies in the sphere of heat treatment.

The main programme of the CLASIC Company is development and production of electric resistive furnaces for ceramics, glass, metal or other materials heat treatment. They are suitable especially for ceramic, glass, jewellery, machine workshops and dental laboratories.

For developing new heating plants and technologies in the glass and ceramics sphere the company co-operates with front professional companies. Thanks to careful selection of suitable constuctive and insulating materials, developing new heat process controllers and total technical design of products the company has gained trust of national and international customers.

High attention is marked to the use of modern computer resources in developing the company control system CLARES that provides not only precise regulation of heat processes or connection of several controllers to the superordinate computer but also complex on-line control system of complicated industrial processes and data processing. We hope that our products can fully satisfy you.

New building of CLASIC Company in Revnice nearby Prague
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