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Průmyslové systémyControl and regulating systems of the CLASIC Company can be applied even for electro-heat equipment. As a reference the control system of the 210 kW shuttle chamber furnace with controlled increase and downcome of temperature can be mentioned.


  • industry computer based on the Motorola 68000 microprocessor
  • 14-inches coloured screen
  • simple operation with five robust buttons
  • standard industry housing
  • regulation of four independent sectors
  • controlled cooling of a furnace with automatic adjustable air-valves and controlled rotations of ventilators
  • connection with the superordinate PC, where temperature curves are stored and evaluated
  • display of actual temperature curve and its progressive filling
  • display of all measured temperature zones, set of air valves and ventilator rotations
  • work with a real time clock
  • chronological list of all important values
  • secure saving of made heating processes without connection with the superordinate PC
  • possibility to make heating processes curves right on the regulation housing
  • data transmission toward the superordinate PC even in long distance
  • graphic data processing and print of made heating processes
  • on-line control of all furnace component parts
  • high reliability and measurement accuracy
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