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CLARESControl system CLARES was developed on PC platform towards the controller CLARE higher integration. The system markedly improves work effectiveness already by connecting with one controller, ready to solve difficult industry applications in complex, as well. Even though it consists of many choices and functions it does not loose its simplicity and it is still accessible to all users. The main features follow:


  • even 240 controllers connection
  • four controllers operation at once
  • automatic furnace type detection
  • controller state and all errors indication
  • fully automatic collection of more processes
  • possibility to block controller keyboard
  • auto-detection of controller (dis)connecting
  • low memory request, work at the Windows background
  • elegant design and easy operation of all the program
  • all parts of the program simply accessible
  • possibility to switch off the computer during the process


  • display of an actual or a last process
  • display of the process proper program
  • measurement accuracy 0.25 °C
  • drawing of a temperature curve during the process
  • zoom of the marked process part or the program curve
  • automatic adaptation of a scale and graph axis
  • Auto-trace ability for search of the process end
  • fast graph survey with cursor arrows
  • wide zoom range and quick return to the whole graph
  • zoom disallow of areas without curves
  • simple selection of the controller and its graph


  • unlimited amount of books for processes save
  • automatic sorting according date of the process
  • easy book choice and creation of a new book
  • safe processes and books deleting
  • clear description of the open book processes
  • detailed information and graph view of the process
  • process search according any attribute
  • editable process information and description
  • quick move to the first and last process in the open book
  • simple process move into another book
  • possible process print in a chart form


  • own database even with 99 programs for each controller
  • quick selection of the controller and the proper database
  • fast choice from the existent programs list
  • possible description of each program
  • graph drawing according to real temperature
  • readable list of the program blocks
  • display of a scale and cursor position in the graph
  • safe program deleting, saving and duplication
  • easy co-operation with the controller own database
  • selected controller program sending and receiving
  • graph operation same as in the GRAPH mode


  • each program contains even 99 blocks
  • quick choice of a program block
  • chosen block displaying in a graph
  • possible program blocks inserting and deleting
  • automatic instruction with an example
  • quick program input and edit
  • graph redrawing during the program input or change
  • fixed overview of all controller commands
  • automatic correction of values by block input
  • abbreviations for most used choices
  • graph has all features as in the GRAPH mode


  • graph operation same as in the GRAPH mode
  • print of any part of the graph with description
  • easy print of the wide-broad graphs with help of cursors
  • required and actual temperature curve print


  • report about the process end on connected controllers
  • possible access to all program modes
  • existent books offer for process save
  • possibility to disallow process save into a book
  • graph preview and information about finished process
code name
CLARES24 PC comp. Visual Basic 3.0 Windows 16 MB Pentium
PC comp. QBasic
DOS 1 MB 286
(c) 1996-2013 CLASIC CZ Ltd.; Alsova 1075; 252 30 Revnice; tel/fax: +420 257 720 781 (031); mobil: +420 603 430 748