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Calibration furnaces developed by the CLASIC Company are designed especially to company laboratories for calibration of their thermocouples. They are made in variants up to 400°C, 1250°C and 1550°C.

The furnace up to 1250°C has the company's heating module in a cylindrical cover. Thermocouples are inserted from top into the furnace. The insulation is made from fibre ceramics. The 60-mm diameter corundum tube enabling uniform temperature distribution is placed in the middle of the heating element from the Kanthal A1 material. The furnace is equipped with a higher accuracy version of the programmable controller CLARE.

The constructional design of the calibration furnace up to 1550°C is similar except that it has the Superthal SMU 80A heating element from the Kanthal Company. The electric part of the furnace is added with the transformer and controlling circuit for feeding of the SMU 80A heating element.

Technical characteristic

  • length of homogeneous heating sphere (± 0,5°C): 50 mm
  • heating time of a thermocouple: 30 - 60 minutes
  • regulation accuracy: ± 0,2°C
  • number of measured thermocouples: 5 + gauge
  • maximal diameter of a thermocouple: 12 mm
Inside d-l
Outside w-h-d
KAL04 400 diam.80-100 220-450-220 0,5 230 1 20
KAL12 1250 diam.80-100 300-450-350 0,5 230 1 25
KAL15 1550 diam.80-100 300-580-350 0,5 230 2 45
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